Wednesday, 1 March 2017

PESD (Post-Election Stress Disorder)

Some mental health folks have finally sat down and diagnosed a new disorder.  People suffering from this....are said to be suffering serious anxiety attacks and feeling stress throughout every single day.  They apparently get up in the morning, turn on the Today Show.....and start getting aggravated and stressed out.  Driving to work....they listen to the talk-radio show and news, and start getting more aggravated.  By mid-day and chat topics going on with co-workers.....they get more stress.  By late-afternoon....watching MSNBC and listening to NPR....their disorder gets worse.

What the APA is suggesting is that you might need to see a mental health specialist and seek 'real help'.  These feelings....the PESD....could lead to serious health problems and potentially treatment in a 'facility'.

Oddly, if you just turned off the TV and radio for two weeks....went to landscaping your backyard....cut off contact with radicalized political junkies.....and simply read a bit of Hemingway or'd likely be cured of PESD.

You would think that folks were hyped up over missing the second-coming of Jesus or something.

Can the PESD folks survive four to eight years of this?  I have my doubts.  At some point, you will have to do some fine drugs (provided by your mental-health doctor), start consuming more alcohol, or find themselves dumped by family, friends, or their company.

Somewhere along 2020 to 2024, it'll be considered a national problem....with Doctor-Phil-like characters trying to bring people into forced treatment and accept reality.