Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Trump's Tax "News"

After you read over the brief three-line story (that's really all there is of the two-page 2005 tax submission of Donald Trump) are left with three simple thoughts.  I will get to those in a minute.

Who dug up this 2005 return (only the first two pages)?  No one dug it up.  Pulitzer-winner David Cay Johnston simply got it in the mail.  No source.....just two simple pages.  One might admit that Johnston has written pieces on Trump in the past....mostly critical, so maybe someone thought he'd easily accept these two pages.

Value of the two pages?  All it says is that he made $150 million in income, and paid $38 million in taxes.  That's it.  You don't get the other pages which note which stocks he sold, or the NY state tax form, which might have noted that he paid another $10 million to them.  But no one bought up the state tax side of this story (notice that).

So my three thoughts.

1.  Trump made a copy up himself and sent it to Johnston, knowing precisely what he'd do with it.

2. Anyone who wants to make a big deal out of unfair shares of taxes.....need not complain about Trump, BUT instead about the Senators who write the code and ensure unfairness across the whole system.

3.  For the next two weeks.....all that MSNBC will talk about is unfair taxation, and the result?  Trump has led them to some public anger and to wipe out the current tax code entirely, fire IRS, and just have a straight flat-tax for companies and individuals.

News?  No, this is all fake news to get people up to some point of anger and accepting massive change.  Brilliantly done, if you ask e.