Monday, 20 March 2017

We Just Don't Care

I came to notice this morning a survey by C-SP*N this morning....they discovered that only 43-percent of the people they polled....could name one single member of the Supreme Court.

Yeah, most of the court have been on the job for five years, and their names get mentioned in the news at least forty times a year.

I think if more surveys would be done, there'd be some sad truths learned:

1.  My guess is that more teens (15-to-19 years old) can name members of the Kardashian family more so than members of the Supreme Court.

2.  More guys from Louisiana can name more NCAA football coaches than members of their delegation from the House and Senate (total of eight).

3.  Most women over sixty can name more soap opera characters from their favorite show, than name members of the House of Representatives.

4.  Most New Yorkers, if given a choice of watching an hour of politicians chatting or watching a rerun of The Sopranos.....they'd pick the mafia family over the political talk.

5.  Most people from Oregon, if given a priority listing of true events versus fake news....would rank Bigfoot higher on the truth scale than the Russians hacking into the 2016 election.

6.  Most NASCAR enthusiasts can probably name more race-car drivers than members of the Senate.

7.  Most Baptists can name more disciples of Christ than members of the Supreme Court.

8.  If Speaker of the House, Rep Paul Ryan, were to walk into the primary Walsenburg, Colorado cafe....the Huerfano have breakfast, I doubt if 20-percent of the crowd would be able to recognize him.  Ten-percent might suggest that he's some reality TV show guy, or some male model from New York City.

9.  Most residents over forty in Alabama can name more University of Alabama quarterbacks over the past three decades for the university, than name the seven current Representatives from the state.

10.  If you asked just in general....for folks to name the VP candidate for Hillary Clinton from 2016....I doubt if more than 40-percent can cite the guy's name.  Even folks who voted for Hillary....might have trouble.

Here's the one really cares.

None of these Supreme Court Judges, Presidents, Senators or Representatives are really doing things that affect us in some personal way.  Some folks might get hyped up and charged to the max....but if you had to go and cite names....other than Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, President Trump, President Bush, and Senator Ted Kennedy (he's been dead for decade, if you didn't know)....that's about it for recognizable names.

 Maybe it's a shock for journalists or the national media, but this is reality.