Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Colin Kaepernick

I rarely get into football discussions.  Over the past four years....I've watched maybe a total of two games, and admit my interest in the last decade has rapidly declined.

This past season, I watched the Colin Kaepernick business unfold, with the knee on the ground during the national anthem being played.  When it started up, I thought that he must have reviewed his career options and knew that most teams looked upon him as a magnet for negative media attention.

Since his contract ran out....over the past three months....almost zero interest by any team in the NFL.  He seems shocked, and some sports journalists hype this as unfair.

Here's the simplicity of this 'business', and I emphasize it as such.  If you are going to pull out five-million dollars for some guy to work for you....for one season, then you kinda expect him to be a positive media device for the team.

You don't want to wake up one night and react to a phonecall that your highly paid "Joe" was arrested for beating his wife, or was arrested for badly assaulting some guy at a bar.

I can rattle off a hundred different things that you really don't want to hear about some guy that you are paying five-million dollars for.

In this case, you have to continually wonder...on game-day....will Kaepernick go back to the one-knee trick?  Maybe you could make it through a season without him going for some media attention.  Maybe not..

It would be different if you were just paying the guy $500 for one single game on a Sunday. You probably wouldn't care if he worshipped Satan, drank tea from marijuana, or if he had a tattoo on his back of Trump.  But for some guy to make a million or more?  No, he has to set some examples and be awful dedicated to his profession.

I don't see Kaepernick in that fashion.  He's not focused on pure football....he has some angle at work, and why should I risk my money on a guy like that?

My guess is that three weeks into the season....some quarterback will have a serious injury and some team will sign Kaepernick to a short one-season contract for less than one-million dollars.  It'll stipulate something about focusing on football, and he'll get one single chance.

In some ways, this is why I hate football's more of a reality show....than a sport.