Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Wrong People

There's talk that the Trump administration will hand TSA authority to ask incoming folks (even from France or Germany) a couple of questions over their ideology....maybe digging in various details of their life.

I sat and paused over this idea.

Having dealt with the TSA folks on a couple of occasions....I can generally say that it's loaded with folks who have a 8th-grade mentality, can't chew gum and talk at the same time, and if you gave them some instructions....it's a 50-50 shot whether they would be capable of grasping the instructions.

Most (probably 99-percent) don't speak a second language.  They might have access to some phone and be able to call up 'Joe' who will translate over to some French guy.  But you can imagine the German guy trying to understand the question and thinking the TSA guy is talking about 'geology' (instead of ideology) and talking up rocks and meteors.  The TSA guy will try to get a clear meaning of what he is referring to....and after two minutes....realize that the German just doesn't get the true meaning of ideology.

Me?  I might infer to the TSA guy that I was anti-NCAA, anti-Baptist, anti-Jeb Bush, pro-wrestling, pro-pancakes, anti-Ford, pro-automatic transmission, and anti-Bigfoot.  They'd probably push me into some room....asking if I was on medication or a registered Democrat.

You can just sense that some type of order like this....would just make things worse than they are already.  Maybe if TSA was loaded with rocket-scientists or Einstein-like characters....they could act like some Columbo-like detective and spot those Jihadist guys real quick.  Instead, you will end up with a bunch of angry frustrated French or German tourists who didn't come to the US for 99 questions over their ideology.