Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Fresno Story

There's this news piece I read this morning....out of Hampton Roads (WAVY)....over this story from Fresno, California.

Cops get a call....go out, and here's this gal standing there..."mostly naked". She had no idea who she was....was fairly wet....and asking for help.  This was around 3:15AM.  She did claim that she was a Mermaid and that she thought her name was Joanna.  That's it....not much else.  Cops took some fingerprints and are waiting for the gal to come to her senses or someone calls up about knowing her.
There are two aspects to the story which interest me.

First, the term "mostly naked".  It's not clear what they meant.

In California....this might mean that she was wearing some bikini-bottom.  In Fresno, it might mean a t-shirt only.

My brother (the engineer type and farming enthusiast) would say that she was likely wearing Red Wing boots and a Auburn-athletic shorts.

My son would probably say she was wearing a Scooby Do shirt and a towel (since she's a Mermaid).

I would be thinking that she's wearing a tube top and men's underwear.

The cops will probably get 500 phonecalls today.....asking about her attire situation.

Second, it's pretty obvious that she's heavily doped up, and lost some perception of time and memory.

With all the drugs going around today.....I have this worry in the back of my head.  It surprises me on the level of acceptance for people.....if you walk in and say you got some new fantastic drug that will keep you doped up for seven days....then forty people will beg to try out that drug.

Eventually, someone is going to develop a drug that has some ten-day high attached, and when you wake up will have forgotten who you are. amnesia drug.  Even if you told people of the effects.....there'd still be thousands who'd go ahead and take the drug.

Could we survive as a society, if you suddenly had 300,000 Americans on some self-induced amnesia episode?  Maybe.  But if this was 300,000 every'd only take five to eight years for us to reach a stage where care for the million-plus was impossible.

I know...on the list of 1,000 things to worry about....this ought to be non-existent.  But for some reason....I've moved it up to number 997.