Thursday, 6 April 2017

This Security Council Topic

The news media has hyped up Trump's guy Bannon, and the fact that he's been edged out of the Security Council.  For twenty-four hours, I've been reading through the bits and pieces.  Behind all of this is this simple reason....when they did have council meetings....he rarely attended.

The President himself....has little reason to give on missing the Security Council meetings.  No matter how silly or long these meetings are....he kinda has to be there and say 'something' to pep folks up or to move the US position in some direction.

Bannon?  I would imagine after two or three meetings, and the topics discussed....he realized the worthless value of allocating his time to these meetings.

Between January and now?  What exactly of a major crisis would have been discussed?  North Korea doing something stupid for the 600th time in twenty years?  ISIS thugs in Syria who never seem to go away, and we will drop another 44 bombs next week on another ISIS target?  After that, you down two or three steps, and get into pretty worthless discussions on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Venezuela.  The days of talking over the Soviet Union are long the value of the Security Council is questionable. But you don't dare get rid of the concept.

If you had some Cuban missile crisis, some massive terror attack in London, or some US passenger ship kidnapped at sea....then the council would have value.....but as a week to week thing?  No, it's not the kind of meeting you want to waste your time at.