Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Good and Bad Food Agenda

I noticed in the news this weekend that the new Sec of Agriculture sent out an order....curtailing the school lunch guidelines implemented under the Obama administration.  If you remember the whole gimmick put up....a lot of nutritional talk was tossed into the middle of school lunch programs, and you had to serve 'good' food.  At no point, did any idiot ask....would the kids eat healthy food?  So, statistically speaking....they added up the amount of food served, and later tossed into the 82-percent increase from the old program to the new Obama administration program.

Naturally, since this new order went's got some former Democrats in the system all upset because it's just not right to feed kids garbage food.

At the center of this argument is this one single topic that people fail to really seize upon and grasp.  Once you say that the meal has to fit within a one-dollar or a $1.25's pretty limited what you can serve in terms of good food or bad food.

I had an Air Force chow hall guy explain this whole game to me years ago.  The budget was set for every chow hall at the roughly five dollars per day....per individual.  This made three hot meals a day practically impossible.  So they depended on the commissary system to sell them cut-rate and discounted items as low as possible.

If you look over at each school dining system....they are given an impossible task.  By the time you figure up some meat item and a've spent most of your money.  I sat and watched some news piece with a gal explaining how their school went to some nutritional taco salad......but the journalist stood there and asked a couple of kids about the marvelous new item and half of them weren't that keen on the item and were dumping it.

The thing is....if you said you were serving a baloney sandwich, a cup of fake juicy-juice, and an apple....the nutritional expert would be all upset over the nutritional aspects.    In this case, you can't make anyone happy.  It's best to at least have the kid's stomach full....even if it is marginally healthy food.

My guess, in four to eight years....some Obama-like President will return, and we will go right back to the nutritional food gimmick, and start to see massive amounts of food dumped back into the garbage again.....repeating the whole cycle once again.