Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Montana Story

I walked a good bit the woods around my house and settled upon one mental topic....the Montana election.  After a day or two of surveying the Montana special election for an empty House seat in DC....I've come to three basic observations:

1.  As much as the Democratic Party says that they learned from the Hillary loss in November and have a bold new strategy on the future....I don't see it.  It's either non-existent, or just a painted-up version of the old strategy.

2.  This fight, brawl, scuffle, duel, melee, skirmish or shove (pick whichever based on the news network you watch), really didn't change much of anything.  If this had been some Italian or Russian reporter, they would have shoved back, and a full-scale fight would have erupted.   To suggest that 20,000 Montana folks would have seen this comment and changed their voting strategy....was an embarrassing suggestion by the news media.  Idiots in some urbanized community like Baltimore might do something like that....but not in Montana.

3.  For the hundreds of thousands of Democratic donor funds which got shoved into Montana to win at all cost?  Total waste of money.  Out of the 235 seats that the GOP controls....I would take a guess that at least 180 of them are in extremely safe districts, and it's a total waste of funds to go "all-out".  At best, my humble opinion, is that there might be thirty districts across the US where the right money and right Democratic candidate might make a difference.  The problem is....find those districts...then finding the right Democrat...and then running a pumped-up enthusiastic campaign with no errors.  In the 2018 election? It would shock me if the Democrats were able to take more than  five additional seats.  The chief reason?  I'd go back to the 'right Democrat' mix.  Where are these guys?

The sad thing about this whole woeful story is that the national Democratic Party apparatus is hurting Democratic chances with a lot of bogus talk and TV opera business out of DC.  It's like watching a last-place NBA team, which desperately needs to go recruit new faces and bring in young talent with some optimistic views.  Ten Senators need to just retire or avoid being weekly guests on Sunday chat shows.