Monday, 29 May 2017

Two Islamic Stories

So, the first story.  There's this guy named Arthur.  He's from Florida, and for a couple of years....he identified himself as a neo-Nazi.  There's no real history on this, or details how he got to be a Nazi-like dude.....but most folks agree that this was his 'thing'.

So, in the last couple of weeks....Arthur found religion.  Arthur got himself all into a new religious group...Islam.

Yeah, converting over from neo-Nazi to Muslim is pretty unusual.  To be honest, I can't think of a case ever....occurring like this.

Arthur had this problem though...he was living in some apartment with at least two other guys (maybe even a third).  Once Arthur laid out this new religious thing....his friends/room-mates.....didn't really take this serious. They joked about it.

Eventually, Arthur couldn't take much more....and killed two of the guys.  Cops come onto the scene.  No denial over what he did.  They had to be killed because of the insult to Islam.

My humble guess is that several investigators will pour over the case, find some kind of drug activity connected to this, and that Arthur will be lucky if he avoids the death sentence.  The thing is.....there just might be some mental issues with Arthur, and he gets off all charges by going to some mental facility.

The second story?  Some high school kids are supposed to graduate and have a prom in two weeks.  In this group of American kids....are a couple of Islamic kids.  The Islamic kids want the prom rescheduled  til the period after Ramadan (we just started this in the last three days).  Well....the school isn't that open to the idea.  Lot of folks have reservations, and waiting two more weeks isn't practical.

Law-suite against the school?  Maybe, but I seriously doubt that it would change anything.  The kids say that one of the Ramadan rules is no music to be heard during Ramadan.  It's a curious interpretation.  I'm kinda wondering why no-cellphone usage can't also be applied for this period from sun-up to sun-down.  The use of any electronic device?  Same way ought fall into effect.

What happens when these students go on in life and find that companies aren't willing to bend over backwards when Ramadan occurs?  It's hard to say.  The Koran does give the 'waiver-deal'...meaning if you live around can use their lifestyles, their food, and their rules.  Oddly, people don't seem to want to seek out that waiver.