Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Actual Paris Accord

I'm probably one of the few around that has sat and read the whole Paris Accord document.  I spent an hour this morning reading over it.

You should note....while 175's in Chinese, French, the real bulk of plain English, is 25 pages (more or less).

So, there's nothing there on pollution or cleaning up creeks, rivers, lakes, etc.  There's nothing there on cleaning up air pollution, unless you count carbon as the air pollution (a serious science blunder if you do that).

What I would generally say is that it looks like some club-agreement, that members would promise on something to be part of the club, but it doesn't really demonstrate anything of a serious nature other than working on carbon.

There is a piece in article 2 which chats on keeping temperatures at such-and-such range....but the method for which you'd achieve this....isn't really demonstrated in the document.

If you were to ask me about actual impact and using this document to reach some certain stage of mankind....then if this is "IT"'s an awful weak document.

If you did have an hour and just wanted to understand the episode better....go and read through pages 27 to 51 of the PDF document.

To have some idiots go into Richard Burton dramatics over a bit humorous in nature, but that's the world we live in today.