Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sears T-Shirt Story

This got brought up by the Jerusalem Post today.....Sears, for a number of months.....has carried this T-shirt..."Free Palestine".

I sat and pondered over the political message and the weight of the message across most of America.

To be honest, if you brought up the topic of Palestine or Free Palestine....roughly 75-percent of adults wouldn't have much of an idea what you were referring to.

Maybe you mean a new soda called Palestine which will be given initially away for free.  Maybe you mean a new store for fashion trends.  Maybe it's for a comedian named Palestine who insulted Trump and got arrested.  Maybe it's even a new ice hockey team from Ottawa.

As much as people think that the public is that bright....it's mostly proven day after day that the public IS NOT that bright.

Sears in this sales gimmick?  Thirty years ago, they wouldn't have sold a t-shirt like this.  Today, in a moment of desperation....trying to appeal to various crowds....they will attempt to sell just about anything.

Understanding Qatar and the 'Mess'

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, UAE, Bahrain and the Maldives stood up and said 'enough'.....cutting Qatar off.  They aren't just talking politically.  They shut down flights from their countries into Qatar.  An embargo of goods appears to be on the agenda as well.

Over what?  For a long time (over 40 years), there's been this suspicion that someone was funding the Muslim Brotherhood....but officially, no one was sure about who was paying their bills.  Adding to this....the sponsorship of ISIS over the past six years has also been on people's minds.

In the past couple of months, it appears that someone came onto the scene, and laid out some banking notes or information, and it all points back to Qatar.  We apparently are not talking about a little bit of help or a short-period of help....it goes much further.

So, what's happening today in Qatar?  Lot of panic buying of goods....groceries....food.  Whatever was in the grocery stores is mostly gone.  Warehouses that were stocked up will be empty of food by the end of this week.  It's anyone's guess when deliveries will start back up.  Bringing food in?  It'll have to be shipped in or flown in (but not from the listing countries above).

The potential friends to help them?  Iran and Turkey area mentioned.  Turkey probably would love to be an insider sales partner but you'd be talking about two or three weeks for them to react and hustle up freighters there with food.  Tons of money to be made.  For Iran, it'd make perfect sense but they might be asking about the Muslim Brotherhood deal and if they were targeted along the way.

All of this brings up the delicate topic of the 2022 World Cup of soccer.....Qatar was the chosen location.  I'm guessing that enough legal papers were signed that the World Cup bosses really don't want to think about relocating the games.  But if these seven countries were to chat about this and work up negativity on Qatar, then you might see a dozen more countries refuse to play soccer in Qatar in 2022.

As for the real question here....who provided insight into the sponsorship and money business?  Oddly, you don't see a single news service tackle that.