Wednesday, 7 June 2017

CNN, Fake Stories, and Iran?

CNN came out this morning and wanted everyone to know that this whole Qatar-Saudi Arabia because of fake news, which....naturally.....goes back to the Russians.

I'd actually like to believe this....but then they kinda just dropped the ball and refused to talk about either story.  Yes, there are two stories and you would need to say both are fake and Russian-driven.

There are two stories to pick from and decide upon fake news potential:

1. Several members of the Qatar royal family were kidnapped and held for ransom by a group of thugs with Iranian background. The ransom was paid and equaled one billion dollars (so the story goes). The royal family members were released. Who were the royal members? Unknown. What’s the name of this thug-group from Iran? Unknown. Where did the cash go? Unknown. At best, this is a two-line story, but virtually everyone in Qatar and throughout the Middle East believes the story. Some people think it was just pay-back on activities of the royal family.

2. The ‘non-profit’ policy organization Counter Extremism Project....wrote up a piece and published a story on how Qatar has been financing and giving shelter to a dozen-odd terrorists. One reference suggests a life of luxury. These would be thugs probably tied to the Muslim Brotherhood....the group that Egypt hates with passion. Several things about this story are limited. Someone does fund Counter Extremism Project....but you don’t know who. Where they got this info on the dozen terrorists lounging around pools and luxury? Unknown. How they figured out some financial connection to the suggested terrorists? Unknown.

Both stories sound true but there are various pieces to them missing. CNN could step in with investigative analysis and in two weeks clear up both stories....proving them true or false. However, CNN has chosen to just brand the whole episode of Saudi, Egyptian, and Bahrain behavior is acted out only because of fake news. Either of the two stories could be fake. The CNN fake news story could be fake. And meanwhile, public confidence from within Qatar is shaken because of the nature of stability tied upon happy relations with all neighbors.

So this brings me to activities in Iran today....where some ISIS thugs showed up at two separate places and conducted raids.  One was at the shrine of Khomeini (kinda like the Statue of Liberty to some Iranians) and the other at the parliament building.  The parliament raid is still underway and no one says much over deaths so far.

Who paid ISIS to conduct the raids?  That might be interesting to know.  My best guess is that when it's done and the dead terrorists are rounded up....they won't be Iranians.  Shocker?

So, Iran might be looking at this Qatar episode, these two raids, and start to think about the 1,000-lb guerrilla in the room and who financed the guerrilla.  The curious thing is that on the crazy-scale....some Russian idiot on his own without any Putin input....could have paid for the attack.  Or Qatar's ISIS enthusiasts could have paid for it.  Or you could have some crazy Saudi private citizens who paid.   The thing....Iran is going to react.

Oil prices about to react?  That's the thing about this.  You start some minor misunderstanding....some bold words....a tanker sunk....then oil prices jump to $120 in one single day....maybe to $170 in a week.

Reality Leigh Winner

I've sat and watched this newest leak story unfold.  You can say five things about this and the young lady involved.

1.  This is another case similar in nature to Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning.  They held clearances....felt some great purpose in life to 'save the world'....decided that they had the authority to share classified material....and were 'judge and jury' over their mission.

2. Winner will very likely claim at some point that Trump-frustration-syndrome was affecting her and that she wasn't totally responsible for the act (suggesting that Trump caused her to do this).

3.  Presently, with the one appears they will max out at 10 years if they go for the full-court episode.  Did she share other reports in the past (while in the Air Force)?  I'm guessing that the AF is now be reviewing the past year or two.  Some group will put several thousand man-hours into this past review.  For her sake, one might hope that it's just one single screw-up.

4.  She's 24.....doing likely ten years in prison if convicted and out by probably age 35 (figure the court case will not start until January of 2018 at the earliest).  It's the best years of your life lost but she would still able to restart.  Oddly, with all clearances permanently gone and the past six years mostly in the intelligence field....there's not going to be that many options on employment.  Maybe a fitness trainer, yoga instructor or her mid-30s.

5.  Everyone used to worry about spies.  It would appear to me that leakers are more of a threat today than spies.  Maybe there needs to be training episodes required each month to remind people over and over....they aren't there to 'save the world', and that ten years in prison is a waste of a good life.