Saturday, 10 June 2017

11-9 Syndrome

For several weeks, I've contemplated this new syndrome or mental issue which exists, and have decided the best wording for it is '11-9' syndrome (not to be confused with 9-11 syndrome).

For those affected?  These are people who woke up on Wednesday, the 9th of realize that Hillary Clinton had lost.  The rage, the madness, the hysterics, the frenzy, the ferment and the mania displayed?  It's unlike anything ever seen.

Over the past ten days, the Feds swooped down onto Reality Leigh Winner, who had been some highly recognized and trusted Air Force member....who'd left the service and gotten a contractor job with a TS clearance, and decided that she needed to help punish Trump and bring justice to this world (judge and jury-mentality).  Prior to 11-9-2017?  She was perfectly normal.  The election affected her mentality and judgement. She had a lapse in common sense.

Across the spectrum, you can find hundreds of thousands of individuals with the same affect....11-9 syndrome has made them aggravated enough to say things that they'd never say.  In some cases, they've dissolved marriages or relationships.  In other cases, they've cut off fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

Could 11-9 syndrome last a full four years?  Undoubtedly so.

If Trump chooses to run in 2021 again?  Would it continue?  I'm of the mind that it would continue on for another four years.

Treatment for 11-9 syndrome?  There are only two possibilities.  First, just wait for a Democrat to enter office.  Maybe it'll occur in 2021, or 2025....or maybe even 2029.  The second way is simply to turn off the TV.....chill out with some wine or beer.....and just refuse to watch any news for about six weeks.

In the case of Reality Leigh Winner?  She'll get a minimum of ten years of 11-9 'detox' and will be able to chill out in a comfortable federal prison.  Somewhere around the 4th month in the facility....without internet access or the ability to chat with 'her people'.....she will start to recover.  Without Facebook and Twitter, her world will revolve around other prison folks who have zero interest in politics, Trump or the 2016 election.