Saturday, 17 June 2017

What does Collusion Really Mean?

It's been hyped up in the news media for several weeks, so one might want to sit down and analyze what the heck collusion really means.

The plain definition is....a secretive effort, a conspiracy by multiple individuals, or an illegal plan to deceive others....usually to have some type of profit or positive outcome in the end, which they normally would NOT have had with normal non-collusion efforts.


You plot with your nutcase liaison girlfriend to have some devious guy hook up with your wife, and the plan is to have your wife fall for the guy.....divorce you in quick fashion with no real pay-off....ditching you, and allowing you to marry up easily with the girlfriend.  Note, all of this is perfectly legal, in a court of law.

You plot with a dozen folks to hype up your ice cream stand with outstanding reviews and Facebook mentions....which pump up business and ice cream sales.  Again, all legit and perfectly legal.

You plot with four guys to buy some city property, which needs a code change to allow you to build a strip bar.  You go and have various talks with several city council folks and talk about your religion, outstanding charity work, and talk about some quiet piano bar club.  They approve the code change, and six months have the building up and feature topless women.  All of this?  Legit and perfectly legal.

So what does the House team hope to find?  'Bad' collusion would mean money got exchanged and people profited in some way.....meaning illegal stuff and jail-time.  Did money move around?  It's very doubtful.  Did the Russians offer free hookers or cases of wine?  Very doubtful.

Can a court case be established on collusion?  Look around?  Do you know of any Congressmen or lobbyists who've been prosecuted in the past decade for collusion?  A single one?  It looks good on a Gunsmoke classic episode with bad-guys.  But seriously, is there anything illegal here? My guess is no.