Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Extremist Story

I sat and read a British piece today.....which laid out this poll of British folks and who they felt were extremists.....meaning people with agendas....usually someone who is on an illegal or violent action to achieve what they desire.

So these Brits were asked if Jesus, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King were in five said 'yes'.

This worried some folks, because in their opinion....this one in five crowd weren't reading off the same script as most folks were.

If you went by this way of thinking.....well....George Washington, Moses, Elvis and even Donald Trump could be categorized as extremists.

Those one in five folks?  Are these regular people?  Do they smoke a bit of weed on occasion?  Are they emotionally stable?  Do they believe in elves, aliens, bigfoot, or that NCAA bowl games are legit?

The thing about this is that number of folks will read the about this with their minister, and start to worry that maybe Jesus was an extremist.  They might go and spend weeks worried about this new attitude or 'facts'.  You can imagine these ministers getting all hyped up and trying to relieve folks of this opinion.