Saturday, 9 September 2017

2020: Trump versus Sanders

A handful of journalists will go and talk over the idea of Bernie reviving his campaign and squaring off against at least two significant Democrats in the 2019 primary period (likely to be Warren and Booker).

I give the odds here at least 10-percent that Bernie will try another time.  But here's the odd factor.  In Iowa....if you marched out Warren, Booker, and Sanders....Sanders wins....hands down.

I would even go and suggest at least twelve states where Sanders would be easily in a better win-situation than Warren or Booker.

The big negative?  Bernie would be 79 years old during the primary year.  Maybe if he were in his mid-60's....this might make sense, but I think his energy level was absolute maximum in 2016, and he can't match that again.    Would the supporters of Bernie try to talk him into another run? Yes.  And I suspect that he might go and show up next year in Iowa....just to hint that he might run.

A Bernie-like character out there that might attract votes?  No.  That's the thing about the party one talks like Bernie or acts like Bernie.

The odd feature of the 2020 primary period?  There are five cities in the running for the convention.  Oddly, Birmingham, Alabama is one of the five.  If you were looking for some southern charm and special attention to filter out across the south....helping some candidate....picking Birmingham would make sense.  But also in the running is NY City and Saint Louis, MO.

So I come to this wild idea of Bernie entering the race, against all odds....meeting Trump.  Could Bernie beat Trump?  There's at least two Trump-win states where I think Bernie has a better chance than Hillary (Michigan and Ohio).

A lot of crazy things are likely to happen between now and November 2020.

The Counseling Story

I was sitting this morning reading up on news and came to some Berkeley College news note.  Apparently, Ben Shapiro is scheduled to come out and speak at the university.  For those who've not ever sat and heard Ben.....he's a fairly young, clever, and conservative intellectual.  In a sense, imagine a youthful 'Rush Limbaugh' in his mid-20s, except Ben is probably more capable in debate.

Berkeley is going to provide counseling and "other" services to students who might be upset, dazed, or impaired by Ben.

I sat and pondered upon this statement by the university.

First, it's hard for me to imagine anyone having some kind of mental situation that just by hearing someone speak....a guy would go off on some mental 'fall' and be in need of counseling.  And if they did get this quickie-mental help (twenty minutes of chat)....what does it say about the profession of mental health that quickie-chat fixes a guy's problems?

Second, what would you say to someone hurt this badly by some comment by Ben?  "Get over it"?  I doubt it.  Would you tell the kid to take a dozen deep breaths, and sip a Pabst Blue Ribbon?  Would you show the kid a series of pictures of penguins and kittens to chill the guy out?  Would you slip the kid a pill to dope them up for an hour and help to forget the episode?

Third, if there's this much potential for someone to unravel....shouldn't the university have people like this on call twenty-four hours a day?  I could bump into some guy at 7-11 or the Jiffy-Lube, and they'd say some Ben-comment, and then flip you out.  Your bartender could make a simple 40-word statement and unhinge you.

But then I come to this awkward thought....if you are that close to mentally losing it....why are you at college?  This is the place where instructors and professors would present a wide-array of thoughts and if you were this 'weak'....this counseling thing would be something required at least ten times a week.  You ought to be working at some gas station in Tulsa and living a pretty simple lifestyle.  

It's a bold world out there, but it appears to me that we have reached a point where there just aren't enough bold people to live in it.