Thursday, 14 September 2017

My Advice on Hillary

I sat this afternoon watching two interviews of Hillary Clinton, with her explaining how she lost....two different two different moderators.  I'm guessing over the three weeks that the book is out....she'll do at least forty interviews....explaining how she lost.  Over and over.

If I shuffled this topic out to my brother (engineer and farmer)....he's say that it only take one single failure on a board to make it non-op (meaning you could stop talking about this loss business after excuse number one was given).

Personally, I'd like for Doctor Phil to head up some interview, and maybe he could bring on French mental health expert, and try to 'heal' Hillary.

As a kid, we had some neighbor who hunted a good bit (Alabama guys used to do this....most of them today watch ESPN, Fox News, or huddle with the local minister on sin-chat).

The guy had driven up and my dad and I were standing there.

In the back of the truck was his favorite dog.  The name escapes me.  Most hunters give out dignified names to their dogs (Buckshot, Banshee, Jag, Dakota, Hercules, or Trigger are typical names for hunter-dogs).

In short words....the dog was dead.

Whatever he'd been chasing....had turned and torn him up fairly good.

Tears rolled down his cheek as he chatted about the dead dog.  He'd had him for a while....paid over a thousand dollars for him.  The dog was like a third-cousin to him.

I didn't say much.  I felt bad for the dog.  My dad did mostly the listening routine.  This is usually where you let some guy chat for a while and get all the bad stuff out.  This usually comes from a relative passing, some divorce action, or a lightning strike on a dozen of your cows.

In the words that came from the guy....he'd already stopped at least six times and told his story.  He'd probably wasted an hour of productive work time for each of these farmers.

In this case, the weeping stuff went on for more than fifteen minutes and probably tested my dad a good bit.  Finally, with stoic dad spoke of the greater good of the dog, and he deserved a good clean burial. In some way, my dad gave the guy enough advice to just drive out to some woods....dig a simple grave....say some words from Old Testament, and end this grand tour around the county with a dead dog in the back.

The guy needed that advice from my dad, and he left in a happy mood.

I look at the Hillary situation, and what she really some stoic guy to just's done, you can't do no more.....let it go.  She'd haul off weeping and saying 'right as rain'.  Then you'd suggest she go off to some Indian chants.....sip some fine Macallan Edition Number 2 whiskey (usually $100 a bottle)....and burn a copy of the book.

My hunch is that she's got at least forty more interviews to do, and unlike the guy with the dead dog, there's some kind of monetary appreciation thing going on.

How Hillary Actually Lost

I read through the news this morning and there's this listing that Hillary Clinton's new book puts there....the 43 reasons how she lost.  According to the news folks....she utters the word "Russians" a pretty good bit throughout the book.

I will admit she is creative at finding 43 reasons.  In my simple world....there's basically ten reasons why she's not President today:

1.  In 2008, with tons of support and money....with fine political folks on the staff....she couldn't win Iowa.  In 2016....with tons of support and money....with fine political folks on the staff....she couldn't win Iowa.  Her message doesn't convey to farmers or people who live in the rural parts of America.  She had eight years to figure that out....but could not come and solve this vast mystery of connecting to the state.

2.  Bernie Sanders had a message and theme that people wanted to hear.  He appealed to the downtrodden Democrats who'd been waiting for two or three decades for this great change to occur, and some real wealth re-distribution. Hillary had a 1980s script, and wasn't going to touch wealth re-distribution.

3.  The 9-11 Memorial episode, with the fake pneumonia....simply didn't sell.  You don't get over pneumonia  in seven days.

4.  She didn't appeal to black voters, and they didn't come out in mass numbers in urbanized areas.

5.  She went by the scripted Democratic theme of 'attack'....allow the news media to carry the 're-attack'.....wait ten days and follow on the next 'attack'.  Well...Trump took to social media and responded to the attack....avoiding the news crowd, then counter-attacked with social media, and the news folks were forced into a defensive posture for at least of the political season.

6.  She was aided by the news media in a period where public confidence is draining with journalists, and people aren't reading Time, Newsweek, NY Times, Washington Post.....and interest in CNN is spiraling downward.

7.  Over the final 100 days of the election....she made roughly 65 events.  One week of this was the off-period for Pneumonia.  Trump? He made roughly 110 events over that last hundred days of the campaign.  Note as well....Trump went into the heart of states where he felt he could take votes away from Hillary.  Hillary wasted a number of these events in states that she had 'locked-down'.

8.  Eight years as Senator should have been some highlighted period.  What she had accomplished in eight years were a number of speeches, and three laws drafted by her office.  That's it. Naming streets or post offices....doesn't give you much of a hype on the resume.  The four years as Secretary of State?  I watched a group of Iowa Democrats take on the question of that great period.....with no one able to state any accomplishments for that four-year period on the job.

9.  You can't help but perceive that Hillary felt this whole thing was a cake-walk, and that she'd easily get the popular vote.  She accomplished that.  But there's around four states that she needed to absolutely win (Michigan was absolutely one of those)....and it didn't happen.  Her staff?  I'd take out a fair amount of blame and dump on them.  They should have noted the weak nature of those four states at least thirty days out, and she should have concentrated her campaign on the weak states for at least 75-percent of the final three weeks.

10.  She geared her election for a normal GOP performer.  That would have been enough in any of the past four elections to have easily won.  If this were Romney, Bush, or McCain....they would have been beaten.  Instead, she had something that the GOP hasn't had in decades....someone way outside of the box.  Maybe not since Coolidge, has there been this type of candidate.