Monday, 8 January 2018

The Tapper Effect

I watched a short clip of CNN journalist Jake Tapper....listening to some degree to Trump adviser Stephen Miller for a Sunday interview, if on cue....Tapper says: 'I'm wasting my viewers’ time'.  He stops the interview and more or less goes to a commercial.

Frankly, I wish that more reporters would just terminate interviews if they are just a waste of time. In a typical day, with dozens of hours between the various networks....I'd say that about sixty percent of the news cycle and interview cycle....are totally worthless.  There's nothing but speculation or personal opinion.

Are we getting 'dumped-upon' by the news dimwits?  In some ways, yes.  But here's the thing...let's say Tapper did the right thing and ended most of the interviews in two minutes when it was obvious that they were a waste of'd come to the end of the Tapper-hour with fifteen minutes of 'nothing'.  You would need to fill it with something. Magic-tricks?  Poetry? Landscape video of Alaska?  Sinatra songs? 

We've reached a level where news just isn't news anymore, and people are losing their focus about sixty seconds into an interview. Only speculation on my part, but it's an indicator that society is starting to turn off the news.  That can only be bad for the news networks.

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