Saturday, 6 January 2018

Tired of News

I noticed this story pop up today....via the Star Tribune.

So the company....Life Time....which is a fitness studio operation throughout the US....sat down and analyzed the general public and made a serious decision.  They cut news networks from the screens of their studios.  Quote: "They don't fit a healthy lifestyle."

Gone: MSNBC, Fox News CNN, and CNBC. 

At some point in my 'fitness-years' (up until the end of 1998), the military gyms were starting to put TV screens up and you'd show up to use one of their thirty-odd bike-machines at 6 AM.  They would run videos that were mostly landscape biking tours.  It was supposed to get you relaxed.

If you go to any of the fitness centers around the US today....most all will run some news program and it either helps or hurts the client enthusiasm.  I read a piece in the summer of 2017 where some gal got all fed up that the local club only used CNN, and she basically quit the fitness club over this one-channel only policy. 

My guess is that Life Time management probably got numerous complaints about the choices of channels and tried to rotate make everyone happy and unhappy, and eventually decided that this was all a stupid and stressful part of their business operation.

Now?  No one says much over what will be over the screens.  My guess is bike-tour landscape scenes.

But I would go and suggest that airport TV selections will be next.  Most airports that I've walked through in the past five years, are bound and determined to run only CNN.  I've reached the level where I'd rather not watch news in airports, and I think at least a third of population is going in that trend.

Are we sick and tired of news?  Yes.  I think the overdose trend has been building up for a decade, and the public needs some relief.

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