Thursday, 8 February 2018

Are You Affected?

I noticed this brought up today via the Columbia Business School....a new study that suggests that man-made global warming, could alter people’s personalities.

After reading the Watts Up With That blog commentary (usually geeks and PhD level folks)....I sat and pondered over this.

Could it be that this global warming thing has already affected us....triggering us to vote for Trump, or against Hillary?

Could it be affecting my brother and causing him to get into French literature, California-bottled water, and hippy-clothing choices (like Redwing boots)? 

Could it be affecting folks enough to be anti-NFL?

Could it be affecting folks to drink light-beer more than regular beer?

Could it affect folks and their ability to focus?  If you sat and watched nine hours of news yesterday, and you only remember four lines of text today....could that be the result of global warming?

Are you eating less often at McDonalds because of global warming?

Is there a difference between global warming effect and global cooling effect?  Could you be flipping from one extreme to the other? 

Yeah, on the list of 1,000 things that I tend to worry about....this probably moved up to number 898 on the list....just behind NCAA football bowl manipulation. 

The truth is....I'd like to get one of these jobs with think-tanks and just write fake studies-reports on global warming. 

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