Friday, 16 February 2018

Need a PhD Guy

It's an interesting question to someone who needs a PhD type project for a year.

Mass shootings....for the most part....all men or boys.  You ever noticed that?

I went looking.  From around 15 years ago, someone had done a study and found that ritalin (or mood-altering drugs) were prescribed at that a rate of three boys to each girl. Maybe it's changed, but it would be curious to see the results of this.

So why don't you see girls in gun battles or knife fights?

My humble guess?  Estrogen.....something that boys can't produce.  I suspect all these mood-altering drugs can't fight off estrogen. 

Course, I can't prove any of this.  But it just does seem odd that you continually see this male-dominated topic.  There are no female mass murderers. 

Yep, for some science geek with a empty lab schedule and some test might get yourself a Nobel Prize for something. 

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