Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Trump: 2020?

According to Drudge....it'll be announced in the next day or two. More than 900 days away.

No President has ever gone and done this as early as this. 

The plus factor?  He can go and travel around the country, to just give speeches.  My guess....every two weeks....there's going to be some appearance in two cities over an eight-hour period, and he pumps up the crowd.

For the Democrats?  Man, this puts them into a tough position.  They don't have the money right now to help Democrat Senators in the 2018 election....that's bad enough.  But they don't have the money to plow into the top three folks to appear nationally over the next two years.  They are total dependent upon MSNBC and CNN to have their folks appear weekly.  The fact that few folks watch those networks?  Well....yeah, that's a problem.

Former President Obama in the mix?  Yep....Trump will pretend he's the target and use him and his weekly criticisms as the target.  For the Democratic Party, this is the wrong way of allowing the party message to go forward.

Any talk of the impeachment deal?  If you don't carry it out....your whole package for the serious Democrat is demoralized.

Here's the cherry on this cake.....he only has to appear in the thirty states that he carried before.  He doesn't even have to carry a 50-state campaign. 

There at the rear of this whole mess is Hillary Clinton...likely sitting and thinking over Bill's words in the summer of 2016, and looking at how Trump played the whole 2016 election.  If she were five years younger....she'd go into full-blast turbo and go against Trump for the three years.  She's likely contemplating the future, the money required, and age-health issue.  My guess is that she'd like to run. 

It's an odd topic and will dominate the headlines for at least the next seven days.

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