Friday, 30 March 2018

Gun Control Spiral

Over the past couple of years, I've sat and spent a fair amount of time observing discussions over gun control and the ultimate desire of some folks to have a national database of gun licensed individuals and individual weapons. It's an interesting discussion, but you rarely reach a point where practical applications fall into place and you understand the doomed approach to this idea.  So these are my ten observations over how registration is a failed topic.

1.  To make any system work, you need everyone to have an ID, and to use that form of ID in the process of some national registration effort.  However, if you had such an ID....wouldn't the logic fall into place that the same national ID....could be used for voting as well?  Oh....yeah, that's one reason that this will never occur.

2. If you marched every gun owner down to register their guns....could you demand they show an ID?  Presently, you can vote without an couldn't you register a gun without an ID?

3.  If you had a household in Tennessee, and held a cabin in Colorado...with weapons at each location....could you hold two registrations?

4.  Who would have access to this registration?  Your wife?  Your local county judge?  A federal prosecutor?

5.  If you loaned four hunting rifles out.....would you have to sign some paperwork to show that 'Buddy' (your friend) for the next six months is off hunting in Montana and has your four rifles?  Would Buddy have to be registered?

6.  Would antique weapons be treated the same as modern weapons?  Would a non-functional gun (without a firing pin) be included in this registration?  Would fake guns (say on Hollywood lots) be forced onto a registration database?

7.  If your weapon registration were missing one number on the serial big of a deal would this be?  Go look at the hassle with car registrations when you discover some old dune buggy you bought in missing a digit upon selling much hassle is it to fix the serial problem?

8.  Would homeless people, without an address, be able to register a gun and just say they live under the Quincy Street Bridge?  If some nutcase came in and attempted to register six imaginary weapons, with real serial numbers....what's to stop the guy?

9.  If your wife popped up and got into a divorce state of mind.....accusing you of some fake quick would the cops show up to claim your weapons using the database?

10.  When the day comes that someone stands up and admits that some hacker got into the weapons registration database, and they might have screwed up 300,000 records, or added 750,000 imaginary weapons into the database....what exactly can you do to remedy this?  A national inventory?  Once you admit your database was compromised....what's to prevent the same repaired database from being compromised again tomorrow or next week.  The database from that point a fake database and no one is going to cooperate.

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