Friday, 9 March 2018

Kim and Donald

Sometime in the next six to eight weeks....Donald Trump will end up meeting face-to-face with Kim Jung Un.  If you had suggested this a year ago....most State Department intellectuals would have laughed.'s about a 95-percent chance now that the meeting will take place.  No one says where, or under what circumstances.

My best guess is that it'll be in some private hotel resort.  There will be some private meeting for three hours arranged between Kim and Trump.  An evening dinner will occur with South Korean and Chinese officials invited as well. 

End-result?  An invitation for Kim to the White House by mid-summer.  He'll get the state visit....a White Dinner deal...and perhaps a CNN interview situation.

What really happened?  I think that enough squeeze occurred with economic conditions (thanks to China) that some logical thought was put into the future.  Somewhere down the could end up with North Korea agreeing to dismantle the nuke threat, and the US agreeing to downsize their forces in South Korea (likely to be several years of a process).

Fixing the trend?  No one should get hyped up over this.  Course, it would be odd if Kim comes to meet Donald Trump and finds that they have some passionate interests.  Who knows....maybe Kim has a collection of Stormy videos.   

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