Saturday, 21 April 2018

Impeachment Talk

I sat and watched about forty minutes of a general debate....slanted of course (four members to the left of the spectrum, and one to the right), and the topic of impeachment came up.  Naturally, the four liberals fell upon themselves saying that it has to be done.  The 'right-guy' asked them if they felt the Trump-voters would just accept that.  The response was.....'we don't care'.

I sat and pondered upon this for several hours today.  It is somewhat bothersome.

The Democrats anticipate winning thirty-plus seats in the House and having enough in January to open impeachment.  The Republicans?  It's very possible that they will have sixty GOP Senators come January. 

You just don't see any journalist picking up the topic of public reaction among Trump-voters.  It's like a 500-lb gorilla sitting in the room, and it's amazing that they hype impeachment without considering the blastic attitude that it will trigger.

The ten-odd GOP Senators who'd have to bend over to the impeachment idea?  I think they would be finished....with major pressure put upon McConnell to remove them from the party. 

But what happens in 2020, with this type of situation?  President Pence?  The entire House and Senate would have to fall all over themselves say he's the most wonderful president in the world and avoid any criticism for at least year.  I just don't see the Senate Democrats being that ''crazy".

As for the GOP Party?  Most everyone with any status would be finished in DC politics.  I could see people blocking off tens of thousands of votes as 'Trump-revenge' votes, just within a single state. 

Journalists?  No one would take them serious for at least a decade. 

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