Monday, 23 April 2018

The Late Crowd

I viewed the news this afternoon....seeing this 3:30 AM attack at the Waffle House in Nashville.  Drugged up guy....four dead....couple wounded.  The thing here is that it's 3:30 AM and it's one of those things my dad noted years ago to me.....some kinda quote of 'nothing good happens after 10 PM at night'.  It was his words of wisdom that you might ought to finish up your business and be safely home by that point.

There's a list of things that you just might ought to go and avoid after 10 PM:

1.  Concluding any deal or car-sale.

2.  Stopping off at an ATM machine.

3.  Buying gas.

4.  Hanging out at a country fair.

5.  Hunting or fishing in a snakey-area.

6.  Stopping anywhere within the city limits of Birmingham.

7.  Waiting at some bus station for your next connection.

8. Drinking with strangers.

9.  Attending any revival.

10.  Attending some extra-inning baseball game.

It's odd that you look back.  Historically.....all the way through the 1960s, other than a few bars....most folks and business operations all shut down by 10 PM.  You go to some cop who pulls night duty, and ask about today's environment.....then the cop starts laughing.  Between midnight and 4 AM in Nashville on a Saturday night?  There's probably over 20,000 people roaming around.  At a quarter of them are lit up on some type of drug....the rest have some alcohol in their system.  A cop could pull over a hundred cars in a four-hour period, and find the vast majority would fail a drug or alcohol test.

So why go out?

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