Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Comedians Over at Sanofi

The company Sanofi came up today and did some kind of defense over Ambien. 

It's mostly all common knowledge that you can have hallucinations and delusions....while on the drug. That's one of the reasons why it says on the side NOT to drive cars or operate machinery while taking the drug.  You might as well go and put down Facebooking, texting on Twitter, or conversing via social media as other things you shouldn't do while on the drug.

Going to work? Around livestock?  Painting  a fence?  Grilling burgers?  Mowing grass?  NO.  This is the stuff that you should only take when intending to rest or recuperate in your house.  And you should have someone to come and check on you occasionally.  I won't say it's bad stuff.....but to think you can go and do your normal lifestyle stuff?  No.

My advice to the business guys who wanted to dump on Roseanne?  If she's got a prescription....what she did is pretty much normal for a 'user'.  You apparently don't know your product. 

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