Monday, 14 May 2018

Kimmel Story

I noticed over the weekend that ABC's Jimmy Kimmel got mentioned.  The hype?  Jimmy says that all these anti-Trump comments and jokes....well....they aren't entertaining anymore.  So, he says he's downsizing the comment/jokes....not entirely but significantly.

What happened?  I would take a guess at three reasons:

1.  I think the network looked at the tone of comedy, and some political experts said that this tone was negative in various states for the Democratic Party message and November election.  Maybe Kimmel was getting better numbers than the rest of the networks for the time-period.....but this theme has a limit.

2.  What if Trump is around for eight years, and all of your 'number one' jokes are anti-Trump?  Could you sustain yourself for a year, two years....even eight years?  I have my doubts.

3.  Finally, you come to the brand of Jimmy Kimmel....what happens in 2024 (if Trump makes it that far)?  Can Jimmy remake his brand?  What if a Trump-like character replaces Trump....can Jimmy rebrand it to new anti-Trump jokes?  Is there a 2024 Trump-like character in the making presently?

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