Monday, 7 May 2018

My Idea? A Reboot of Barney Miller

This past week, I've sat and watched six episodes of Barney Miller.  I haven't watched the show in twenty-five years.  I have to admit....acting, lines, and's probably one of the ten best shows of all time.

So I'd like to see it rebooted and brought back.  Here's my concept:

1.  Make it a hour-long show.

2.  Create a new police precinct...the 12th.  This time....pick out an old secretive subway station that was opened in 1944 for war purposes, but closed off since 1945.  Give it character just in the appearance of a subway station.

3.  Bring Barney, a modern-Fish, a Shanghai-Chinese guy who left China for the American dream....being a cop, a modern-day Dietrich (who actually might be an alien), a female Ron Harris character who secretly written four tough-cop books and one marginally successful romance novel, a Wojo Bronx character, some visiting French cop, and three or four other detectives.  Feature at least a dozen oddball NY type characters who would have easily appeared on Seinfeld to be in the background.

4. Make it a mix of 90-percent black humor, 10-percent drama.

I think the public is ready for another reboot. 

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