Thursday, 3 May 2018

T J Miller

I have a particular TV show (from HBO) that I enjoy.....Silicon Valley.

I'll be honest....there's maybe six different characters from the series, who make the show as successful as it is.  A few months of the actors....T. J. Miller (who plays Erlich Bachman) said 'enough' and left (4th year into the series).  At the time, there was some disagreement brewing between him and the crew (the cast and production team), and Miller said that he had bigger projects coming up.

So back about a month ago....while traveling on AMTRAK....he made some fake call to the cops and caused a big mess with a bomb-threat.  Cops eventually come to him and arrest him.  Charges are set up, and there's a major defense effort required.  If convicted?  Bomb threat charges usually carry up to five years in prison.  His defense? Drunk, and probably doped up.

What has been said in the past week is that Miller got so successful in the series....that he lost his moral compass....started to party excessively....coming onto the studio while unable to function...and made taping with him a miserable experience. 

In a way, Miller became Bachman.  In the the end....he goes off to Tibet, and intends to stay there the rest of his life.

What I suspect?  The judge will sit through this....convict the guy, mandate a two-year sentence...but suspending one year of it if he will do drug-testing and out-patient treatment, with drug-tests required.  A year in prison?  It'll be a hard recovery situation with a guy who had so much going for him.  And the odds of staying off any drugs for a year?  Zero he'll end back in prison during the rehab phase (my humble guess).

You just shake your head over this.  The guy was making great money.....great opportunity ahead....and lost his compass bearings.

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