Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Mini

For two days now....the 'family-car' (actually a Audi TT, and it would be nearly impossible to suggest it's a family car)....has been in the garage and we've had a rental Mini.

There are three observations that I can make over the Mini.

First, from the drivers seat....there has to be a minimum of sixty dials or buttons.  I still remember my first car....the Oldsmobile Cutlass.  It had eight dials, and maybe six buttons.  Looking at the Mini....there are probably twenty buttons or dials that once set....I would never go back and touch ever again. 

Second, it feels like an oversized go-kart.  No, that's not even a joke.  You take tight corners and weave through the a go-kart.

Third, this is the Mini-3 it's big enough for the two front passengers, and there's a 'fake' back-seat for two additional passengers, and just enough room for a large bag of dog-food in the 'hatch'.  That's it.  Yeah, it's tiny. 

Would I buy one?  If I owned a second vehicle for regular travels, yes.  If this Mini-3 were my only vehicle?  No. 

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