Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Women in Positions of Authority

I've sat and watched this 30-minute video at least three times over the past month.  Jordan Peterson, about three months ago, was invited over to the UK, and did a interview with a Channel 4 journalist over women's pay and the unbalanced nature.

The interview probably is one of the best opportunities you will ever have to see a journalist actually stumble badly, and lose a one-sided conversation.

The topic here is the unfair nature of women's salaries, and how they aren't given a leadership opportunity in the business world.  I do tend to agree....up until the 1980s....this notion probably deserved attention and public attention.  Over the past twenty years, much less so.

With over thirty-odd years associated with the US military, I've had numerous chances to observe leadership dynamics with both men and women in charge.

Dynamic leaders (no matter what the sex is)....tend to have five successful tendencies.

1.  They lay the game plan of the organization, and explain your part in the success ahead.  In doing so, they share that success. The folks who had always a secret game plan?  They tend to get less support because no one really understands anything.

2.  They aren't exactly the nicest people in the world.  You don't get ahead by pretending to be nice, or being always agreeable.

3.  Risks are part of the plan ahead.  If you are unwilling to take risks....you won't be put into positions of authority.

4.  You go and find the right people to fill positions....based on qualifications, history, and demonstrated tendency to take on tough tasks.  The matter of their sex, their university degree....matters to a lesser extent. If you picked a number of losers to be in key positions, then it says something about your desire to get ahead.

5.  These people will always have a goal, a plan, and a path.  If you have none of the three....then it's doubtful that you will be invited to take charge.

Dynamic women chiefs and bosses?  I've had a couple.  I've had a couple who were utter failures at leadership.  The same can be said for gentlemen in positions of authority above me.  Some were utter failures as well.

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