Saturday, 9 June 2018

The 'Bernie' Rule

It got brought up today that the DNC (Democratic National Party) made up a new rule.

The rule says that if you enter any state must state that you are a Democrat.

Shocker? comes up because Bernie Saunders continually said he was an independent or a socialist, which confused Democrats.

The rule also says that you MUST accept the party’s nomination after the convention is done.

My brother would hint (being an engineer) that all this Bernie stuff from 2016 was just confusing.  Bernie would talk like a Democrat for five minutes....then shift over to talking like some socialist guy for five minutes....then get all anti-capitalist for five minutes, and then rotate back over and repeat.  Over and over, and in an hour's'd be all confused and thinking Democrats were socialists. 

So could you be a John McCain Republican who stands up one day and says....hey, I'm a Democrat and want to run for President as a Democrat?  Well....yes.  He could do that, or he could just say he's a fake GOP guy and run for President as a Republican.  Oh yeah....he's already done that one.

What effect does the rule have?  Basically, it locks out Bernie from 2020.  He can't run, because he can't bring himself to sign a piece a paper to swear that he's just a plain regular Democrat.  It's such a sad thing too....because he really wanted a chance to run against Trump.  For a real socialist might trigger them to drink a good bit.

Will the Republicans make up a similar rule?  I'm guessing that they might make one that says you need to be a real Republican or a fake Republican, and you won't be required to support Trump if he is the party-chosen guy.  Yeah, they would be that stupid.

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