Friday, 5 January 2018

2020 Election: My Prediction

While we are eighteen months away from the moment where Trump has to make the decision....does it run in 2020, or retire....I am leaning toward the likely outcome where Donald Trump retires.  Let's face it....he will likely have gone and accomplished at least fifty percent of what he promised.  The tax-reform?  We might actually see a second reform episode on this by the summer for 2019.  The GOP will have more than enough Senators by November's election to center their program for 2019, and make it a very productive year.

I also would suggest that at least two Supreme Court selections will occur in 2018, and at least one more in 2019. 

So, who follows Donald Trump?  This is my list of the top five GOP characters:

1. Mike Pence.  He's obviously locked into the number one slot

2.  Nikki Haley.  I think she will pick up the Secretary of State position by this fall, and gain traction as a statesman.

3.  Soon to be Senator.....Mitt Romney.  Yeah, it's a shocker but I think he's going to be elected and show up in the spring of be this weekly featured undo all the things that Trump has accomplished....yet be some favorite darling of the news media.

4.  Bob Corker.  It's mostly a joke to suggest he'll be taken serious, but I think he's determined to label himself as the anti-Trump GOP replace Trump's legacy.  He'll make it through three states in the primary before retiring.

5.  Finally, Jeb Bush.  I think he'll raise some funding and try to show up in find that no one is interested in his politics or strategy. 

The problem for whoever wins?  Well....most of them will seek to reduce the GNP back down to one to two percent, and discharge a million-plus new jobs that were created in 2017/2018. 

So my ultimate suggestion here is that as much as the GOP and Democrats think that 2020 will come and Trump walks out the door, and they never have to deal with that mess again.....I would suggest that by 2024....another Trump-like character emerges, and likely wins the election in the same manner. 

Shocker?  Is there another Trump-character in the making out there?  Will we repeat the Russian collusion game yet again?  Yes.