Monday, 8 January 2018

The Iran Story

In the past couple of's been noted in the western newspapers that a couple of Islamic leaders in Iran...decided that things are out of control, and they issued the order to fix things.

So...Iranian schools are now banned from teaching English language in the junior schools.  The way that it's could still teach it toward the end of your high-school environment, and onto college.  They just felt too many subversive young people (probably meaning twelve to fifteen years old....were getting English language, western culture, rock and roll, and funny ideals.

I sat and paused over this.

It doesn't matter if you were in some French school system, or a fancy Russian academy, or some junior Chinese school....the minute you start learning English, you are probably out of control.  You start watching Madonna videos, listening to the Bee Gees, or maybe even watching John Wayne movies. 

If you wanted to maintain control of society, you need to isolate English from being spoken and ensure the public never gets any fancy ideas about the crazy world in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, or the US.

What'll happen in Iran?  My guess is that a bunch of kids will sit around and just do self-learn type situations and in three years....the religious folks will be all hyped up that somehow....via some miracle, those punk kids learned English and got all these fancy ideas. 

Advice to Mika

“I had some friends that went to Paris over the holiday, and they said they were just viscerally embarrassed to be Americans. They said it was the first time that it was sort of chilling. That they didn’t even want to share where they were from.”

-- Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe 

This has oddly come up over the past fourteen months as folks across the great Atlantic had to warm up to the idea that Hillary Clinton of all people....Donald Trump.  Yes, it is a shocker, and still to this day....some French folks, some Brits, a fair number of German intellectuals, and various oddball Europeans have felt the need to let the American visiting how they felt.

I tend to look at this in a different way.

I knew some Americans that also went over for a 'holiday', in France.  It was one of those affairs where they mostly threw together the bare essentials (some smokes, a deck of cards, a couple of pairs of underwear and socks, a canteen, a web belt with a holster for a M-1911 handgun, a M-1911 itself, and two changes of clothing).  Sarge would have tightly controlled the M-1 Garland until they officially arrived at the destination.

They seemed to leave off any men's cologne (feeling it wouldn't help matters).  Ties weren't necessary.  A dress suit for a night out might have been nice but they didn't anticipate any evenings or fancy dress balls.  Their list of things to see in France was awful short.  Most just wanted to leave the shores of France as soon as the 'tour' was finished. 

To be honest, they weren't really invited.  This was one of those invitation slips that meant you needed to show up several months prior and get into some decent shape because you'd have to a fair amount of walking across the French landscape.

The arrival on French soil?  Well....if you were on the original first-arrival list, you probably didn't see much of the countryside, or French hospitality.  And the odds are that your weary bones lay on some French soil, where you had sixty seconds to note the beach and the charm of the French people.

Some folks got past the beach party situation, making miles inlands.  Oddly, they were getting a mixed welcome.  Some non-French folks felt the sudden arrival of the poor uninvited American was not necessary.  But just about every single French citizen came out, openly wept and slobbered over the poor American guy who didn't really grasp a single word of French, and guzzled down whatever French wine was offered....whether it was dry, sweet, or a lousy year.

We mostly just noted that we were passing through, and weeks later...had made it to the border of Belgium, where we found those folks acting the same way.

Course, when the folks arrived at the German border, there wasn't much of a welcome reception. 

I sit and ponder over Mika, her friends who spend the holidays in France, and the rough treatment of the French....oddly enough, they probably got the same wine, and listened to a good bit of French criticism while toasting some snails and eating some half-cooked calve's liver with a lovely mustard sauce.  Course, Mika's friends will all weep over the fact that they did everything possibly for Hillary, and the French host will pat them on the back and refill their wine glass. 

Yes, it seems that if we'd just voted enough for Hillary to win....the French would love us.  So this brings to this point....if someone worries about some authority figure who is there or who is not there....isn't this like a Jesus-figure syndrome?  If you can only be accepted if the right person wins the Presidency, what does it really say?

Oddly in the summer of 1944, no one asked the poor American about the right guy or the wrong guy situation.  If Trump had been President in 1944....would the French have come to the beach and asked the Americans to leave because it was the wrong President?  Would those Americans at the beach been viscerally embarrassed as well, and choose to remain at the beach or return to the safe shores of Britain?

My suggestion to Mika and her goes on.  If you are prone to visceral's best to remain at home, sip some California wine, toast some Texas snails over the grill, and weep over some Edith Piaf songs.

The Tapper Effect

I watched a short clip of CNN journalist Jake Tapper....listening to some degree to Trump adviser Stephen Miller for a Sunday interview, if on cue....Tapper says: 'I'm wasting my viewers’ time'.  He stops the interview and more or less goes to a commercial.

Frankly, I wish that more reporters would just terminate interviews if they are just a waste of time. In a typical day, with dozens of hours between the various networks....I'd say that about sixty percent of the news cycle and interview cycle....are totally worthless.  There's nothing but speculation or personal opinion.

Are we getting 'dumped-upon' by the news dimwits?  In some ways, yes.  But here's the thing...let's say Tapper did the right thing and ended most of the interviews in two minutes when it was obvious that they were a waste of'd come to the end of the Tapper-hour with fifteen minutes of 'nothing'.  You would need to fill it with something. Magic-tricks?  Poetry? Landscape video of Alaska?  Sinatra songs? 

We've reached a level where news just isn't news anymore, and people are losing their focus about sixty seconds into an interview. Only speculation on my part, but it's an indicator that society is starting to turn off the news.  That can only be bad for the news networks.