Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Hope Quote

"All we have is hope."

-- Michelle Obama quote from today

The words went with the political estimate that people are fearful about the country, fearful about Trump, and that empathy will save the day....somehow.

When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock....they were six-hundred miles from the agreed upon location, dumped off in November (about six months later than the original planned date) and had no real supply of food.  All they had....was 'hope'.

When Washington took charge of a dismal collection of non-military civilians and led them against the heavier trained Brits....all he had was 'hope'

When Lincoln took the Union Army and trudged off to the Civil War, all he has was basically 'hope'.

When 'Black Jack' Pershing took charge of the American Expeditionary Force in July 1917 and went to fight the more experienced Germans....all he had was 'hope'.

When we landed a military force at Normandy and fought our way into Germany.....all we had was 'hope'.

When we launched a rocket off to the moon.....all we had was 'hope'.

When the University of Alabama was down 13-0 at half-time, and all hope seemed lost, then Sabin brought in the Hawaiian quarterback, and launched the greatest comeback of all time in NCAA football.  That was entirely based on 'hope'.

The plain truth is that most every single thing that the country is built upon and exists 'hope'. It's our trademark, and our brand.

Frankly, we might have too much 'hope'. 

The Problem with Trump

When you go and ask most of these MSNBC journalists to give the negative talk on's stuff that 12-year-old kids would recite and without much in terms of 'weight'.  In a way, these wannabe journalists are simply making the case to support Trump that much easier.  So this is my simple list of seven issues with Trump:

1.  He's not an intellectual.  This is absolutely true.  From the past four Presidents, Bush I/II...Clinton...and Obama all had 'real' degrees and went onto a masters degree program.  They went to the prestigious Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, and Oxford.  Reagan? Well....he went to the mostly unknown Eureka College.  Carter?  He went off to the Naval Academy.  It's safe to say that if you are between eighteen and associate the presidency mostly with intellectuals.  In this case, it would have been better to get the more intellectual Hillary Clinton who attended Yale Law School. 

The plus-up on intellectuals?  They seem to know 'everything'. 

2.  TV reality show geek.  For two decades, if you got some dose of Donald Trump, it was usually through the networks and their reality shows.  Occasionally, he'd get an invite on some Sunday morning news forum, and you'd get six minutes of wisdom from Donald Trump. 

Most everyone knows that you can only get real presidential material from TV new forums. 

3.  Trump is associated with bankruptcy.  Over the entire history of Donald Trump, there are four Trump companies that have eventually gone to bankruptcy.  Typically, it's a pretty black mark that you hang on folks who've gone onto the act of bankruptcy. 

The problem here is that if you go to most real estate tycoons or syndicates....well, you find a bunch of these folks because it's just a fairy risky environment.  You could go and build five casinos in Vegas, and have all of these in great areas with a five-star design, and wake up at the 4th year of operation to find two of these are total failures (for different reasons). 

The other issue here is that you typically....after one single bankruptcy.....don't get money from regular banks, and you have to present a superior business plan for anyone to hand you money.  So each time he went through this....he had rethink future plans and make for a better risk environment.

4.  He's NOT pro-minority enough.  In essence, he hasn't attended the right conferences, made the right comments, or spoken to 'hardships'.  On this, it's pretty much a straight statement.

Maybe if one of his ex-wives had been black, or he'd donated a fair amount of his income to a black university, or hung out with other folks besides boxing promoter Don King....he'd have a better view of things.  Course, that would mean he only understood blacks, and not Latino folks.

5.  He curses.  Yeah, it's strongly suggested (some of the folks in the room say it wasn't said) that he spoke up to sh**holes.  It's bothersome for some folks to go home, and junior comes to the dinner table saying he heard Trump talk about sh**holes, and wants you (dad) to explain what sh**holes are.  So you sit there and shake your head because you start off suggesting its a curse-word, but then junior says there's six different ladies at CNN who said sh**hole over the past hour, and he thought it had something to do with bathroom chat or laxative results. No, you say....correcting's about places in the world that you'd rather not go, and he asks if Tampa is such a place. 

We all know that President Obama, Bush, and Clinton never cursed.  Hillary Clinton never cursed.  We are pretty sure that Reagan and Carter never cursed.  On Johnson, it's a pretty sure bet that he cursed an average of once every sixteen minutes. 

6.  He uses Twitter too much.  Some people think that he makes twenty statements a day off Twitter.  At present, and counting, there are around 39,000 total Tweets, from day one of the campaign period. If you asked most folks....they'd say that they aren't used to getting verbal communications from some President at this rate. 

The problem here is that probably a third of the American population have a problem with Twitter usage, and they are telling you volumes about themselves, their failures, their dogs, their new hunting rifles, their NCAA football picks, their wife's complaints, and the state of their neighborhood.  Trump is basically doing the same thing.

Adding to's a direct line to the American public.  You get some update every hour or two and start to thinking he's your best friend.

7.  He said some pretty bad things about John McCain. No one argues about this much.  In fact, probably fifty percent of all Republicans now have something negative to say about John McCain.  In some ways, for Democrats to come to the side and support McCain, is a bit of a shocker.

Yeah, if you went and really dug up every single negative of substance, there's probably over 500 negatives to say about Trump.

So I come to this odd factor that came up out of the State of the Union message.

Over eight years, you could count on President Obama to use the "I" a minimum of eighty times in any speech.  I sat and watched a speech in 2011 and gave up when he hit 100 times usage of "I".  Someone kinda pointed out that in Trump's speech....there were well over 100 times of the word "we" used. 

It's not something that you'd typically point out but it tends to mean to folks that folks are in on the big game plan and part of the success.  When he utters some employment numbers that look good, and uses the term 'we'.....then you sit there at home and think you are part of the success story.  As many problems as one might suggest with's going to be hard to convince folks that they are attached to a loser. 

It's kinda like being behind 13-0 at the half of an important game, and Coach comes out in the second half....benching the star quarterback and bringing on some Hawaii guy, and picked up 26 points to outlast the opposition.  Coach is crazy. Coach is awful risky.  Coach ought to know that Hawaiian guys just don't make good quarterbacks.  In the end, you needed Coach.  I suspect in some ways, we've come to a point where we need a Trump to resolve some things.