Friday, 2 February 2018

The Memo Story

One of my odd-jobs while in the Air Force was to sit and read over a ton of material, and eventually write a short summary each day...maybe eight lines out of a three-page story, where you separate out all of the extras and just tell the three basic facts of the story.   All of this amounted to three or four hours of extreme reading and research, then wasting an hour to write this one-page summary of four big stories.

I sat and paused over this whole 'chat' about this FBI memo thing and the big hype going on currently.

What you ought to know about this is that the memo WAS NOT written by the FBI or anyone associated with the FBI. 

Naturally, your news folks don't chat much about that, and if you asked 99-percent of them....they'd all claim that it's a product of the FBI., it's not a product of the FBI.

This simple four-page memo was created by the staff of Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.  They sat in a vaulted area and read tons of material over the FBI's episode with the Russian investigation and came to a short summary of what happened.

Yes, it is strictly one summary.

The centerpiece of the document? talks about FISA, which is the tool that allows FBI agents to walk into a judge's office and ask for a warrant to monitor folks.  The suggestion here is that a bunch of facts were alleged to the judges involved, which weren't valid.  Course, you don't know about this valid talk....unless you read the Nunes memo. 

The thing that you have to now wonder about....Nunes has some people on his staff who are reading classified documents, and they are fully capable of analyzing the situation and crafting a memo to cover the content of dozens of reports....maybe even hundreds of reports.

In a way, Nunes has created his own FBI or CIA agency, and all they do is read other folks material.

What if they were to continue?  That's the thing you have to worry about.  They might go and spend weeks reviewing tons of material and writing thousands of memos.  Eventually, some idiot would even refer to the team as the NIA (Nunes Intelligence Agency).