Sunday, 11 February 2018

V, Again?

I sat and read a piece today that a Hollywood group is going back to make a movie version of V, the science fiction series of the mid-1980s.  I just shook my head.

V, the science fiction series, was fairly simple script for a TV series.  Some alien dudes in fifty ships arrived on Earth.....talked up this great relationship they'd like to have with humans, and became some pain-in-the-ass for humans.....kidnapping and killing humans.

It was the first series that ever had a cost factor of one-million dollars per episode.  Total made for V?  Well, that's the curious thing....they basically got to episode 19, and the audience numbers were very they stopped right there.  For a science fiction series, it was a lousy TV production.

Oh, I had no problem with the script idea....but it simply didn't go anywhere.  The acting?  That was another funny thing about the whole series.  I think I watched the first three episode, and just laughed over the acting talents.  Faye Grant was the only big-name person brought in, and appeared for maybe three minutes out of a 42-minute episode.  The rest were all wannabe-actors and just ran through a scene.  For the whole season, I think I watched a total of four episodes.

So, taking this back into the studio and making this into a full two-hour theater-production?  Maybe if they improved the acting, or rebuilt the script....maybe it'd work.