Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Impending Census

In roughly two years, the 2020 Census will start up.  Some folks have finally begun to realize that this won't be the typical average Census, and that Trump might reshuffle the deck.

What happens?  There is a discussion that the Census is there only to count Americans (citizens), and if you found some method of enabling that....there might be a serious reshuffling of House seats across the nation.

For example, the general public count for California is 39.5 million people.  If you forced the citizen issue, and the population reset down to 37 might trigger one seat to be lost....maybe even two.

If you used the same idea in New Mexico? The general public count is 2.08 million people.  If you forced the citizen issue, and 1.7 million citizens were counted....they might lose one of the three seats.

The plain truth is that virtually every state (perhaps except Alaska) would see population losses.  The thing is though.....California and Florida are likely the two that would have the greater non-citizen situation. 

How would you force this to be accepted?  The only possible way is a national ID be used for the Census, and voter registration.  The odds of this?  Three years ago, I would said a national ID card was impossible to achieve.  I no longer believe that. I think they could easily make it work.