Friday, 9 March 2018

Kim and Donald

Sometime in the next six to eight weeks....Donald Trump will end up meeting face-to-face with Kim Jung Un.  If you had suggested this a year ago....most State Department intellectuals would have laughed.'s about a 95-percent chance now that the meeting will take place.  No one says where, or under what circumstances.

My best guess is that it'll be in some private hotel resort.  There will be some private meeting for three hours arranged between Kim and Trump.  An evening dinner will occur with South Korean and Chinese officials invited as well. 

End-result?  An invitation for Kim to the White House by mid-summer.  He'll get the state visit....a White Dinner deal...and perhaps a CNN interview situation.

What really happened?  I think that enough squeeze occurred with economic conditions (thanks to China) that some logical thought was put into the future.  Somewhere down the could end up with North Korea agreeing to dismantle the nuke threat, and the US agreeing to downsize their forces in South Korea (likely to be several years of a process).

Fixing the trend?  No one should get hyped up over this.  Course, it would be odd if Kim comes to meet Donald Trump and finds that they have some passionate interests.  Who knows....maybe Kim has a collection of Stormy videos.   

The Stormy-Donald Opera

While the mainstream media plays this out....there are several pieces to this lusty-movie-figure (Stormy) and President Trump.

First, typically when someone refers to a gal in the adult-movie trade as a 'star' means they made some group of movies.  Sadly, no one can ever remember the titles to these movies.  In this case, some guys might remember 'Space Nuts' from 2003...but that was back when Stormy was in her early 20s.  A handful of guys might remember 'Sex Door Neighbors' from five years ago, where Stormy directed.  Beyond that, I doubt if you can find more than a thousand guys across the entire US who remember any other movies that Stormy made.

All of this leads me to the observation that an associate made in the 1990s....lusty movies just aren't remembered for acting or a script.  My associate then suggested that you could go and hire four Russian gals and over a each gal a fake lusty name.....make some 90 minutes of some fake script, and make ten-thousand dollars selling it.  The whole industry, as he suggested....was a gimmick.  Any idiot could get into the industry.

Second, most 'actresses' in the industry....are pushed out by age thirty.  A few survive til age 35.  Beyond that, your entire career is finished.

Third, how Stormy and Donald met?  I read some piece that suggested that while at some golf match....some guy had brought Stormy over as a 'guest' and introduced her to Donald.  The guy?  Unknown.  Did he pay for a Stormy-weekend? one says that....they just tell the golf-club story which has basically two brief lines.  No one even says that Stormy can golf.

Fourth, if Donald and Stormy were a thing....was this like one of Bill's episodes where Bill forced himself on the gal....did Donald have to pay for 'it'.....or was this a mutual open and free deal?  If Donald paid....did Stormy note that in her income for the IRS?  Was Stormy making a real income off this deal?  This money that the lawyer paid Stormy in the interest of Stormy going to report that income to the IRS?

Fifth, about the worst that I can see coming out of this is that the President's wife will get fed up....leave and return to New York, and divorce him.  Then?  Well....Donald goes on as President.  Remember the little French guy, Francois Hollande?  After his little affair came out....his wife got all angry and left (she was wife number two anyway, and had ventured into an affair to break up his original marriage).  I don't see this changing much of anything.

Sixth, for those folks all disturbed and angry over adultery and national politics.....well....look around.  About half of the Senate are on their second or third marriage.  Go ask how McCain treated his first wife at the end.  Maybe forty years ago....the news media could go and freak out, and trigger some national outrage....but folks have come to realize that mostly all of these national leaders are fake creations, and the marriage doesn't matter much.

Seventh, so I come back to Stormy.  She has the potential to maybe make this last into a six-month long public thing, and then?'s just like some lusty movie title that you don't goes away.  By spring of 2019....some guys will have gone out and bought a copy of Space Balls and note Stormy's real acting ability....asking how she did A, B, or C....and she might make one more movie for public consumption.  Beyond that....I just don't see her around past 2020....she'll disappear into Vegas as some act.

My advice...if you were looking for the perfect President, with perfect values, perfect marriage, perfect fakeness.....well, you can have it.  Or you could have something totally different.  I think right now....people want something totally different.

Footnote: Oh, and that talk of the Sixty Minutes interview coming up with Stormy?  Go ask Sixty Minutes what they paid for the 'act'.