Saturday, 14 April 2018

Would Make a Good Movie

This is a true story....just that the names are changed to protect the 'innocent' (naive).

My wife has a friend that she has known since childhood (another German).  This gal is 53 years old....three times married (happily to some degree right now, although note the word 'some' that I inserted)....and recently was diagnosed with a stage one cancer (very treatable).  They chat daily, via WhatsApp....a flow of twenty-odd text messages per day is the norm.

This being Germany, the healthcare system went into the normal sequence, with a recommended treatment program.  Somewhere along the way, there were six doctors that she had visit and have them sign off on different pieces of the treatment program.  One of the six....some 35-year-old doctor (married, two kids).

She made some comment to the doctor that she was worried about 'lusty' physical acts after the treatment, and he assured her in some manner that such lusty physical acts would continue.  No one ever states the words used, and the wife's friend felt that he used intimate words and phrases....which gave her some sort of fantasy moment (she's a German, so don't ask).

Well....two weeks pass, and some WhatsApp text comes from Doctor so-and-so's cellphone (well, it has his name and such).   She deletes.....deciding days later to correspond.  The thing is.....she can't really find the name/number.  So weeks prior, there had been this WhatsApp text to come from this guy.....stranger....a misguided WhatsApp.  This happens a fair bit in Germany, a number shifted here and goes to the wrong person.

So starts up this personalized fantasy of this 53 year old woman and the idea of some passion with the 35-year old doctor (but it's really the doctor).  I should bring up that the lady in question is a full figured gal....over the 180-pound range.

My wife brought up this odd texting going on here, and I just looked at this as being suspicious.  No professional doctor (35 years old, married) would get into some hanky-panky relationship with a patient (who is 19 years older, married, and in cancer-treatment).

Passionate texting is flowing back and forth.  My wife gets texted.....the friend is thinking of dumping the husband....moving onto husband number four (the fact that no face to face meetings are occurring is an odd part of this communication story).  I'm mostly shaking my head because the current husband is a level-headed guy without too many faults.

Things hit some peak last week.....the guy is turning off or blocking her on WhatsApp.  She gets frustrated with his blocking tactic.

Then it kinda comes up yesterday.....well....a text has arrived from 'doctor so-and-so'.....and the guy admits that he is NOT doctor so-and-so, but a thirty-something year old guy.  He doesn't know her, but kinda responded with her as if thinking she was a friend of his.

So, from the first text arriving six weeks ago, to now.....all fake?  Yes.  No Doctor so-and-so.  So now?  Well....she'd to meet the misdirected guy. 

I sat and looked over this mess.  Some over 50 gal consumed with this fantasy deal.  Another couple of weeks, without any face-to-face meetings, and she might have been stupid enough to dump the husband, and embark on some full relationship with the non-existent doctor.

The whole story is worth a 300-page book and probably would make a great movie.  But the truth is.....all through the use of the internet, this person never doubted the text or ID of the sender.  It was absolute trust in the sender being who they said they were.