Sunday, 3 June 2018

Kim and Trump

I sat this morning and read a brief piece from some Senator who wanted folks to know that it Trump and Kim sign some treaty....he absolutely expects this to be forwarded over to the Senate for consideration.  They.....the his mind, would have the final word. 

I sat there looking at the commentary. 

My humble view is that there will be a brief seven-line document signed by them to end the Korean War.  It'll state the lines....the date....the use of some central board to mediate any future issues, and that's it.  Nothing else.

The Senators will get it....ask where page 2 though 250 are, and be told in a blunt way there is no other documentation.  That seven-line document is it.  The question is....will they sit there for hours and hours....arguing over the meaning of the words, and debate this to some massive degree?  Will the Democrats assure the public that no....they aren't willing to accept the terms of this and suggest they are ready to fight on?  Will McCain vote 'no'....just to make a pain out of the episode? 

Will Trump request the USS Pueblo be handed over?  I'm guessing he might go and just ask to see what Kim would say.  Even if the US got it back....what would we do with it?  Another museum piece somewhere?  Would we just go and sink it in the Pacific?

Will Trump go and invent some kind of document that has no connection to treaties and avoids the Senate requirement of handing them a treaty?  Will Trump suggest a economic deal?  Will Trump offer to fly into North Korea and have three days of talks with the Koreans?