Monday, 4 June 2018

Assad to Visit Kim?

It's a bit of a shocker but news report indicate that about two to three weeks after the Kim-Trump episode....Assad will show up in North Korea.  Why?  It's only speculation.

Some folks go and suggest it's about trade, which is near none-existent between the two.  Some say it's about nuke technology, which Kim could sell to Assad, for cash.

So, here's my suggestion. Some trusted dimwit on Assad's team has worked hard to convince him that it's time to go and talk to North Korea's Kim. The game plan?  Just get Assad out of Syria, and have a plain old-fashion coup.  Arrange for a general to emerge, and clean up the Assad mess.

I reminded of the Panamanian episode where Torrijos left for a meeting in Mexico, and discovered halfway through some meeting....that a coup had occurred and he was screwed out of a job.

Naturally, you'd ask the next question....where exactly could a country-less Assad go?  I'm guessing that Trump call up his buddy Kim and just ask what the rent would be to hold Assad in some semi-nice villa, and Kim would grin and say about $10-million a year (pocketing 9-million of that), and Trump would just pay the North Koreans to move onto the next step.

But what would happen in an Assad-less Syria?  Peace.

In less than a year....most of the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece would shut down.  In Germany, I'd take a guess that half of the Syrians would ask for transport back to Syria.  The remainder would just stay on in Germany.

Then Trump would show up and offer up ten-billion dollars of infrastructure money (for water, sewage, electrical, etc). 

Maybe I'm wrong, but I give it a 60-percent chance now that this little trip will flip over into a coup.