Sunday, 10 June 2018

On Green Lantern

For about seven years, there's been this 'slam' or negative hype about the movie 'Green Lantern'.  Being a comic book enthusiast.....I have an opinion over the movie and it's lack of success.  So I'll share my humble opinion over Green Lantern.

So, first....let's be honest....Hal Jordan or the Green Lantern....never had much of a background or character.  It was great for the build-up to the bad-guys, but he's not like Bruce Banner/Hulk, or Bruce Wayne/Batman.  There just isn't much to build the character upon and deliver this in a 90-minute movie.

I would imagine back in 2008/2009 when the talks were going on....someone had to sit there and suggest to the team that the Hal Jordan character was 'flat'.  But they really didn't understand that.  They just figured if you threw some money at the movie....put in some great graphics....and make a couple of joke'd all work out and be a halfway decent movie (something that it didn't achieve).

Can you even 'reboot' the movie?  I have my doubts.  In fact, with the dozen-odd Justice League movies that might come over the next twenty years....I seriously doubt that they will ever introduce Green Lantern unless there's some major overhaul of the character.

I sat through the 2011 Green Lantern at a Arlington theater, and toward the halfway point of the movie....just wanted to walk out because it had zero appeal.  It's a bad sign when I start to think that way and question spending more time in the theater.  At the time....a mid-afternoon show, there were probably only thirty people in the audience (week two of the showing). 

So, that's my two-cents over the movie.  Maybe if the character had some charm, or bad behavior traits, or just'd be worth telling a story.