Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Three State Idea

The problem with the California effort to have the ballot to split the state into three states? open up the map and view how they drew the lines.

First, Jefferson (the northern quarter of the state) would really like to be off on it's own.  Oddly, the folks who drew this division decided to throw San Francisco and a major part of the surrounding community into the Jefferson state.  So, instead of being 70-GOP (which is what the region of Jefferson is like)'s more of a 50-50 split, with a fair chance of two solid Democratic Senators.

Second, then you look at this center state.  It stretches from Monterey to Los Angeles.  Basically, ironclad Latino vote (probably 40-percent), and two absolute Democratic Senators. 

Third, the eastern and southern state?  It basically took Fresno, the desert, and San Diego....whipping them into an odd state.  It might have enough of a GOP vote to get one Senator out of the deal....but that's a 50-50 shot on that.

Who drew the division lines?  Unknown.  And they avoid discussing the division theory.

My advice?  Vote against it. 

Even if it were to pass with say 60-percent of the won't matter unless a majority of other states buy into this.

You could even go around Alabama and ask folks, and they'd say that Alabama ought to be split into three states as well. But it'll never happen. 

I do fix what's broke in needs to be split up, but I'm thinking along the lines of six different states.  And Jefferson would get it's own territory.  And then you could dump San Francisco into it's own little group of far-left dreamers.