Thursday, 14 June 2018


It got brought up yesterday that the Trump Administration is looking to create massive 'tent-cities' for various unaccompanied teens who are crossing the border.  The suggestion is that it'd be in Texas....likely at some US military reservation or base area.  Size?  Well....some journalists hype 1,000 kids per camp.....some hype as many as 5,000 kids per camp.

So, after you've heard this basic stand back to think about this.

Across Latin (some as young as 12 years old) are just getting up and looking at the social media chat business, and figure....what the heck, I'll walk for ten days, cross the border, and get to the US.  Beyond that, there is no other real plan.  You have to admire the kid on creativity.

But after you get picked up and taken to some camp with fencing, and the idiot government guy says this is live in a tent and get three meals a day.  Well....there's just not much else.

'Moral horror'?  I read some piece by a pro-asylum guy who used the phrase.  The problem here is that you don't have enough people across the US to go and 'hire' to manage kids on a family-type basis.  Then you'd have the problem of language.  Then you'd have to ask yourself....why I having to pay for this kid?

My humble guess is that Trump will eventually turn to the governments in Latin America and just say unless you take the kids back....we don't do anymore grant work with your governments, and then all of these kids will be shifted back into their country real quick.

The problem I see is that the US government is about the last place that you'd want to turn to....asking for baby-sitting services.  Maybe if you had some flood, or some earthquake, or some invasion by Nazis....they'd be near the top of the list.  But when you say you got 10,000....maybe even 20,000 teenage kids....some even 12 years old, who need to be supervised twenty-four hours a day?  No, you are simply begging for trouble. 

So I would do this camp in a slightly different manner.  I'd establish the camps in Alaska, and I'd put it out on social media.  You want to get into the US as some unaccompanied minor?  Be prepared for life in some fenced-in Alaska, with snow on the ground six months out of the year.  I suspect you'd have no trouble in convincing kids this is a pretty risky and stupid idea.

The Visits Story

Over the past couple of days, various news groups have reported that 'top' candidates for the Democrats in the 2020 Presidential race....have 'secretly' visited former President Obama.

The list?  Well, that's the funny thing.  The news people say NINE total, but then they only want you to know about: former VP Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D).  Who are the other five?  Unknown.

So you look at these four, and you have to be a little amused.  Sanders and Biden are both getting to an age point, where it won't work.  Warren?  She's got the Indian problem and would be a two-star candidate outside of the New England area.  Deval Patrick has given some decent speeches but he hasn't really been seen much in two years. 

This group of four?  They aren't worth discussing much.  The other five?  It's just one wants to discuss them.  Hillary in the group?  No. 

Does it matter if they meet with Obama?  Not really.  I think they'd like to hear some endorsement or get some feeling on party....but beyond that....I don't think it matters.

If former President Obama wanted to be in the middle of things for 2020?  It's a bold new world, and fewer people watching the non-Fox networks.  The jobs market is vastly different.  The North Korea episode is something that made headline news.  You go and ask what the list of accomplishments were for the Nobel Peace Prize for President Obama, and it's not worth discussing.  The Democrats are in a stage of crisis, and need some magnificent win in November to counter-punch.

It is a nice 'little' story, but means almost nothing.