Sunday, 7 July 2019

What Joe Biden Could Do to Increase His Odds

1.  Slip into some lady-type garments, light makeup and just hint of a trans-gender situation developing (maybe never getting to the operation or hormone business).

2.  Write a book on his family history, and hint of .9-percent Congolese DNA, and his family tree having a black slave element to it.

3.  Declare a policy of zero increases on taxation for the first thirty days of his administration.

4.  Open the vault in his house to show off the sixty different rifles, shotguns and pistols that he owns....professing true admiration for guns.

5.  Admit that he's had a twenty-year affair with some Mexican housekeeper that he's had on the staff.

6.  Admit that he's certified 'nuts' and been on various treatments for thirty years.

7.  Announce that he and AOC are actually family-related, and she's like a 4th cousin to him.

8.  Announce he'll go on Dancing With the Stars, and possibly do the voice for some kid's cartoon series.

9.  Admit that he was the one who gave Harry Reid the black eye, and this was over an argument involving a NCAA football discussion

10.   Talk up the idea of a revolving Vice-President situation, with Bernie, Hillary and Mayor Pete as his three VP's, and every'd get a new individual for the slot.