Sunday, 14 July 2019

Just an Oddity About This Epstein Guy

So you stand there and try to read over his life, and write a resume for him.

No high school diploma....he never finished high school.

No college degree.  He did attend some classes, but appears to have gotten bored and never stayed.

No wife, ever.  No kids.

He was an options-trader for roughly five years, but no one ever suggests that he did anything remarkable in this period.

His chief accomplishment for the past twenty years?  Mostly running parties, mingling, flying from region to region. 

If you were looking for some outsider trying to pretend he was an insider to Mossad (the Israel secret guys)....he'd be the choice. 

His real wealth?  Unknown.  He says he's a billionaire.  What proof?  None.

Hidden overseas money?  Maybe, but it seems that no one cares....even various state tax people.

Connected to various Hollywood and news media types, but no one can say how any of the invitations were issued. 

The resume here?  Maybe seven lines, with the last line....'Friend of Bill Clinton'.