Friday, 13 September 2019

Last Nights Debate

All total, I've probably watched around 70 minutes of last night's Democratic debate.  Some of it early this morning....some of it later in the day. 

So I come to three observations:

1.  Joe Biden is about ten years beyond his prime, and this attempt to put his name up in the primary period is failing.  Maybe the Joe of 1999 was capable of the situation, but this Joe of 2019 simply has run out of 'pep'.

2.  Beto, I think, came away with the drama statement of the evening....on the AR business.  Beyond that, I didn't see anything else that Beto could do much.  Pretty weird.....a one-scene act for the whole evening.

3.  Finally, maybe it's just me.....but after the 70 minutes of clips and the two hours of thinking about seemed like a Saturday Night Live 'special'.  Beto was playing Beto.  Joe was playing Joe.  Booker was playing Booker.  Yang was playing Yang. Warren was playing Warren.  Maybe it was the way I pieced the clips together, or just their talking.....but it just seemed like a comedy. 

I kinda hope it improves by January, because if it doesn't get's a pretty pitiful race for 2020. 

Beto and His AR Comment

".....a weapon designed to kill people on a battlefield...."

There yesterday, Beto laid out his plan to exercise some type of executive order to go and offer a chance to turn your weapon in, or have the cops come later to take it.  The key phrase above....was where he left you and your imagination.  The problem here....virtually every single weapon you find for the past 500 years....was originally developed for some type of battlefield. 

None of this 'chance-business' or the cops-coming-later is really detailed out or explained to the general  public.  It was good for the audience, but beyond's really left to your imagination on how this would work.

Bows and arrows were designed originally for the battlefield....would they eventually come for them?  It's a big unknown.

Sabers were designed for the battlefield....would they come for them?

When Beto talks about the 'cops'.....which cops?  Most state cops are going to decline the order to go out and confront people....unless there's twenty cops in the group, and it's clearly understood that you may have to kill a dozen people today, in order to take a dozen AR or AK type weapons.

Would this be left for federal cops to enforce?  I'm guessing various state law enforcement groups would just decline the directive.

But this all comes back to an election, and if the one and only topic of the election is anti-gun strategy.  Could you mount a national campaign in 2020....strictly on this one single topic?  I have my doubts.  Could you even convince a majority of Democrats to go along with this idea? states like Tennessee or South Carolina....I would suggest that at least 50,000 Democrats in both states own AK or AR type rifles.  They probably would not agree to this idea.

So I come to the theatrical side of this.  There's some folks who suggest that Beto is purely a drama-queen now, and as bad as Trump might be.....they really don't want a drama-queen as president.  They may have a point there.